Hello How are you this chilly synday morning💕?

I started thinking today about my yoga practice and How I started walking my true path.. Today the world spins in a fast pace & it is not easy to know What to hold on to and What to let go of..

I wanted to give you some tips if you feel that you have fallen behind and How you are going to get back into your purpose;

-Ground yourself for a few minutes in the morning before you get up to your daily routines, use essential oils, yoga, meditation, healing Stones or maybe a cup of tea while looking outside for a minute

-Journal, it is a healing thing to get to write down your feelings, thoughts and maybe manifestations

-Try to eat food according to your dosha, link: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vata-dosha-pitta-dosha-kapha-dosha

-Surround yourself with warm loving and supportive people, not always easy I know! But It is not only What we put in our mouth that is important also What we put in our minds💕

And always know that if your feel drained you can be alone for a while to heal and clean your energy, maybe with some sage💕

You will always know What your purpose is and the universe is here to guide you, take care, Love & Light//Angelica 💕

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