Yoga for beginners

Hi and welcome to Yoga for beginners.

Maybe you feel like you are curious and would like to try yoga?

I am Happy to guide you💕

I will make videos and pictures with asanas you can try at home if you feel more comfortable there.

And if you are interested in getting a body assessment I can also help with that.

Yoga is first of all fun! And no matter who you are YOU can do Yoga, Yes! I promise you this🌷 When I first started Yoga I thought it was all about standing on your head and twisting your body in all directions, well sure I do alot of that now but we are all different and while some are more flexible than others, some have better balance.

Start to think about your body and mind, what do you need to nurture it?

Stay tuned for some Yoga for beginners tips on this side.

Love & Light✨Angelica.

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